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FPT School of Business to hold a seminar on “Applied Management Innovation – Trends in Asia”

On Saturday, 7th of May 2016, FPT School of Business (FSB) will collaborate with Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment, to hold a seminar on the topic of “Applied Management Innovation – Trends in Asia” in FPT University Hoa Lac campus.


 The seminar’s main objective is to establish an open dicussion on the applications of innovation in business, especially in the Asian business context, forming opportunities and paving the way and challenges to the industries which need frequent innovations.

The program will have the attendance of the leading scholars in the world and Vietnam. Among those, Prof. Park Sung Joo of the KAIST business school (Seoul, South Korea), chairman and founder of the AAPBS (Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools), is the keynote speaker. Also, they include Prof. Alan G.Robinson of University of Massachusetts (USA), world top-tier professional in management innovation and “Lean” management method of production.

In the seminar, Prof. Park Sung Joo will lead the discussions on the innovations of global companies in Japan, Korea, and China like Toyota, Samsung, and Lenovo. The major contents to be focused on are facts and figures of these companies’ innovation process alongside its business secrets and cultural roots. In addition, the speaker will address the global trends in management and innovation in all of his discussions.

As per Lewis Duncan’s saying, “Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices”, the world leading enterprises have all succeeded by considering innovation as a norm of their business practice. Apple, Amazon, Groupon, Uber and other market leaders have been creating continuous breakthoughs in their fields, reshaping their market, leading to higher return rates and lower costs, redefining trade channels, and forcing the big firms to compete.

However, how can an organization implement its innovative process effectively? How can it balance its existing genetic set of culture with incoming changes? How can you get the others involved?

With the researched casestudies, panel discussions and the open forums, the seminar plays an important role in creating opportunities to the participants to access and learn valuable lessons from the world-class innovation professionals.

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Keynote Speaker: Prof. PARK Sung Joo

Sung Joo Park is professor at the KAIST Business School in Seoul, Korea. He was the former dean and Vice President of KAIST and served as the founding President of AAPBS. He also served as a member of the board of AACSB. Sung Joo received his PhD at the Michigan State University in 1978 and has worked for KAIST since 1980. He was an advisor or consulting professor for Samsung Group for ten years including companies like Samsung Corning, Samsung SDS and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (R&D Think-Tank) among others. He was a member of the Korean Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology and is currently a life-time member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology.





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