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UBD – FPT University: Knowledge mobilization to reach out the world standard together

Brunei is known as a small and wealthy country that has been developing thanks to petroleum and natural gas fields. This nation that being flashed in mind of foreigners with the images of gilded mosques and marbled staircases along the streets. The city center hiding in the large forests is an utter surprise for the one who had chance to visit this nation. It can be seen that the ‘hidden kingdom’ is still a strange land for many people.

In recent years, along with the development in other aspects of society and economy, there is a flow of the young Bruneian go abroad to discover other countries in the world. It seems that, the desire of developing without depending on natural resources is convincingly shown in the educational strategy of this Islamic country.

Since the beginning of the internationalization roadmap, FPT University has been receiving the active collaboration of one of the biggest Bruneian educational organization – Universiti of Brunei Darussalam (UBD). It is a bilateral cooperation between the two academic institutions representing for the relationship between Vietnam and Brunei in education.

UBD Students in Short-course Programs Developed by FPT University

So far, there were 300 UBD students coming Vietnam to experience their Discovery Year in FPT University. With variety programs such as Community Outreach Program, Semester Abroad Program, or Global Internship, FPT University is an ideal destination for those Bruneian students to access a new horizon.

Arriving Vietnam with the hope of improving their activeness, confidence and ability to adapt to the global environment, those young people are expected to be a new pioneered generation in develop Brunei in the near future.


Dr. Dam Quang Minh – Rector of FPT University granted certificate to UBD student as his completion of the discovery year in Vietnam. Returning back home, he is expected to be a new pioneer in develop Brunei economy in a new direction

Moreover, during the time in Vietnam, the UBD students has been carried a noble mission. They are the representatives of the ‘hidden kingdom’ in introducing their unique culture to international community, especially, Vietnamese friends during their abroad time.


UBD Students introduced Bruneian culture to International friends in International Festival hosted by FPT University

The Opportunity to Improve English through Intensive English Proficiency Course (IEPC) – UBD

In 2015, the signal of bilateral development between FPT University and Universiti of Brunei Darussalam was officially made through the batch of 9 students attended a six-week Intensive English Proficiency Course (IEPC), run by Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)’s Continuing Education Centre (CEC).


A class of Intensive English Proficiency Course (IEPC) that FPT University’s students attended

During the time attending to the intensive training program in UBD, FPT Univetsity’s students have chance to improve their English proficiency as well as explore this beautiful land’s culture through cultural workshops such as silat, gulingtangan and traditional games.


Besides intensive learning classes, FPT University’s students had the chance to explore this beautiful nation

Bui Khac Minh Quan, 18, a Software Engineering major said, “Brunei is a very safe and peaceful country with very friendly people, which provides a very conducive environment for learning the English language.

With the purpose of educational globalization, the combination between the two organizations provide students the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and prepare for international labor market. Through the close collaboration, FPT University and Universiti of Brunei Darussalam has made the steppingstone toward international standard together.

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