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ITPro and FinancePro from Books 24x7 is the kind of integrated online database, provide materials and publications in IT, finance and business administration. With the number of over 10,000 ebooks from such welknown publisher as ZATZ Publishing, Wrox Press, Wordware Publishing, Visibooks; LLC., The MIT Press, Jons & Willey … ITPro and FinancePro/ Books 24x7 can help readers comprehensively understand IT glossary, intensive research, dictionary lookup (bibble) and other issues related to multi-dimensional information approach. In addition, the database also consists of such up-to-date book on finance and banking such as analyzing investment opportunities, insurance, audit, business planning, tax issues, risk management ...

Introduction to Books24x7 and AMS from outside campus

In order to better support the need of faculty members and students when they are not in campus to log in the system, kindly folows these instruction:

Go to the page:

1.    http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/

2.    http://library.books24x7.com/

Open IE or FF web browser and set the below proxy

  • address proxy:      Proxy.Fpt.Edu.Vn
  • port:                         3128

Example in IE:

Thu vien truc tuyen


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