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Bachelor Program

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Training time:

  • 4 years (A preparatory English course for students, who are beginners in English, is available). In the first two years, students will focus on learning to improve the foundation knowledge, base knowledge and parts of major.
  • The 3rdyear students will spend most of their time on practicing and working in the Enterprises.
  • In the 4thschool year, they will focus on learning in class to complete the remaining credits in intensive training programs and work on graduation thesis.

Total amount of knowledge: 131 credits

Major subjects are designed based on the standard AACSB of the top-leading 12 American Universities and frameworks of 4 famous American Universities (The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, MIT Sloan School of Management, the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley and Drury University), which were ranked in Top 3 of the best 100 programs for training Bachelor of Business Administration in 2008, voted by US News magazine.

Training program at the FPT University is based on five blocks as follows:

Foreign Language

Foreign language is a prerequisite for success in the international environment of globalization. Thus, FU determines to include the foreign languages in all of their training programs. The objective of this action is to equip students with language skills so that they can self-study in English and graduate with the level of 600 TOEFL PBT. In addition, the program also provides courses in other common languages as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.


Political, social knowledge is necessary for all citizens. FU students, in addition to knowledge about society, politics, culture and history of Vietnam, also are equipped with knowledge of the development trends of society, or current issues like the economic intelligence, globalization. The knowledge is an essential factor to prepare, adapt and succeed in the era of the E-Economy and globalization.

Personal development

FU believes that everyone has his own qualifications and should be given a good environment to promote his best qualities. As well as developing the knowledge and skills, student who wants to be successful must also have the soft skills to make their working and learning more effective. More than that, communication skills and social behavior, especially the discipline and professionalism is indispensable to work in an international environment. Another very important quality is the leadership or the ability of managing an Enterprise. In FU, the qualifications and skills will be developed not only through core subjects, but also by working in the atmosphere of a dynamic, creative and friendly environment. The students will have the opportunity to observe, communicate or even work with their seniors who have been successful in FPT Corporation and other Enterprises that are leading in the field of IT, Telecommunications and Finance – Banking.

Professional Education

Professional knowledge includes the basic modules of discipline and specialty to provide students with knowledge and skills needed initially. Discipline provides the basic knowledge and methodology. Core subjects equip students with intensively specialized knowledge, carefully designed for each field of narrowed sectors such as finance, marketing, personnel administration and management. The mastery of specialized training will help students has the vision of future career more clearly after graduated.

Industrial practice

FU students will have many different forms of practice in enterprises for sharpening their skills as well as the access to the real factors of economic, enterprises; apply the learned knowledge to analyze and solve problems in the business or the economy generally. More than that, students will have a weekly discussion to exchange ideas and learn from experts. From the school year of 3, students will have the opportunity to take part in industrial practice program OJT (On-the-job-training) in TienPhong bank and many other financial enterprises, receive the wages according to the actual contributions. This program will provide students with invaluable practical experience and a better understanding of their work later. Thus, at the time of graduating, students will have at least 1 year experience beforehand and this is an undeniable competitive advantage of FU students.


Finance-Banking (BFB)

To meet these goals, programs in FU- BFB Limited sociality is designed with the following highlights:

Students must study the knowledge not only specialized in Banking and Finance, but also the extensive social comprehension and IT common understanding, intensive on the apprehension of technology trends and applications of IT in their works later.

The BFB program is designed with such a harmonious personal development program that emphasized on the soft skills. Research shows that 80% of the success of the world's top-leading CEOs, thanks to soft skills such as communication skills, team working skills, coordination skills, skills of negotiation and persuasion ... Therefore, the BFB program FU is designed with more than the 135-hours duration of PDP focusing in soft skills, that help students can immediately integrate themselves in the new working environment that is always fluctuating nowadays. Some of the most important skills for those who working in the fields of Banking and Finance will be focused as negotiation skills, customer relationship building skill, customer service skills, problem solving skills and effective decision taking skill...

Students who study in BFB program also have the chance of working in banks and financial institutions in the activities' framework of the on-the-job-training internship program. Base on this, the students will have the opportunity to observe, communicate and work with the ones who have achieved success at FPT and the other corporations / well-known companies and can be taught directly from them.

International is also one of the most indispensable characteristics of a model expert in Finance. Foreign Languages have become the key that leads to the success for everyone in the current of the knowledge economy and globalization. BFB Program of FPT University spends a quarter of duration for foreign language. Students will be equipped with two languages so that after educated they can use proficiently at least one and can communicate well with the other second language. The training program is updated according to international standards; go along with for multicultural learning environment will create many job opportunities and success in the globalizing environment later for the students.

Student will be guaranteed with high-income jobs after graduated. FPT University lies down as a policy that 100% of students are employed not only in Vietnamese enterprises after school. A division has established which concerns about referral and business relationships in order to ensure the achievement of this goal.

The program is also designed with specialized subjects to orient students after school to work by the group titles in the business of financial institutions - Securities - Finance - Banking. For example:

  • Professional stockbroker / insurance
  • Analyst and investment consultant
  • Professional Insurance exploitation
  • Risk Analyst
  • Professional property valuation
  • Professional financial management
  • Professional operating fund
  • Expert financial planning
  • Senior bank loans
  • Senior bank credit
  • Professional for trading
  • Specialist international payment
  • Professional accounting and transaction
  • Internal Control Specialist
  • Expert appraisal of investment projects
  • Professional marketing and product development, personal / business
  • Expert financial management of insurance companies
  • Professional negotiation and conclusion of insurance contracts
  • Professional portfolio management
  • Professional real estate brokers
  • Expert financial analysis, valuation

In addition, the intensive training programs are designed closely with the financial investment analysis program, helping students tobe familiar with the CFA exams (Chartered Financial Analysis) - Certificate reserved for financial analysts and professionals in the fields of securities, investment and risk management, banking and finance. Employment opportunities for people with CFA certificate in hand are enormous, with attractive remuneration in the financial centers in the country and worldwide.

Subjects related to Information Technology will help students after school to use IT in expertise to solve financial problems (financial analysis tools, evaluation of investment projects ...).


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